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August 5th, 2014

IMG_0643Two years ago I had a website.  I had my writing there and I was moving forward as a writer.

I had to leave that site due to a car accident in February, 2013.  It was a year ago I gave it up and focussed on healing.

Soon I will have a link about my book, Make Art From Your Scattered, Splattered Brain, available.

I wrote about my ordeal of living with and healing from post concussion syndrome.

I am glad to have my website back.  Please keep checking it for news of my writing.  I also have a Facebook author page here.

Welcome to my website!

Hello and I am glad you are here.  I am going to be self publishing a lot of my work from now on, and also I will be listing my crafting works.

I care quite a lot about myself as a fiber artist and as a writer.  I hope that this site will help to encourage you in these areas.  I am also a brain injury survivor and I will have pages dedicated to that as well.

Browse around and enjoy!


Jennifer Jesseph