Autumn– soon to be published


I recently posted a poem titled Spring and it is one of four poems I wrote about the seasons.  I submitted Autumn for publication and it is forthcoming in the Rochester Post-Bulletin.  Autumn is one of the poems in the series I titled The Four Sisters.

When it is published in the Post-Bulletin, I will post it here.

I also had a very affirming dream about art, being free with art, and knowing that is a deep part of my life.  It was an odd dream, and I won’t recall all the quirky details here.  I will only say that I do feel dreams can inform our lives if we let them.

Thank you for reading this and checking up.



Pondering Joy 1

Here I go, into the thoughts about joy.  Here is something I wrote last night about the joy of spring.  I know we are on the cusp of losing summer to fall, and that is how life goes here.  Spring is probably my favorite season next to summer.  Fall ranks high, and I am trying to make friends and lovers with winter, but it’s not easy.  So anyhow, here’s to spring and any, any, thing.

This is just part of a longer series titled,

The Four Sisters.

© Jennifer Jesseph


lovely, mud friendly, wild child.

You burst forth

from the ground

and your green hair

colors Earth.



you’re a baby,

and birth.


You,  Spring

of all the sisters,

you bring the joy

in those first

red tulips poking up.

You embody

yellow happiness

in the light returning.



you make me want to run,

so let’s go.


Run with me,

meadow free, skyward,

and beyond the blue.

Keep my pace

and bring roses

to my face.



I want to keep

that awakening

you bring.

That is your essence,

dear Spring.

I want to become

your newness,

your awe of life,

your first green.

May I have that Spring?



Spring, I’ll know

your gone

when you’ve greened

the lawn.

I’ll miss you.

I will.  But you let

Summer come home

in firework colors.


my lover,

come back.


I’ve waited.

And I can hear

your heartbeat

in the bird songs.


Oh dear summer.

We begin again.

The Joy Project


I read from my book at C-4, The Creative Salon, in Rochester tonight and I’ve been to most of the open mikes over the summer.  I am pleased with the book,  Make Art From Your Splattered, Scattered, Brain and it is also time to focus on new projects.

So, now I begin some new thinking about joy.  What brings you joy?  What kinds of songs, poems, and stories reflect happiness and joy? I am writing about happiness now and hoping to make a book of poems and eventually some performance art about this topic.

So, post your ideas and thoughts about joy and happiness.


Hello world! I am really so happy that my book is now available as a print book and an e-book. What a wonderful feeling this is for me, and also I feel the book is meant to connect to brain injured people who are in need of hope.

I am proud to call myself a brain injury survivor, and writing the book was therapy and working toward that word. I’ll say it again. Brain injury survivor.

A year ago I really didn’t want to be identified with it. But, I’ve come to be proud of surivorhood. OOhhhh I just made up another new word and that happens with my brain injury. Survivorhood.

If you are working toward your own recovery, or have had a brain injury, or have post-concussion syndrome, I feel I can understand.

Please post a comment about your journey to healing, through healing, toward survivorhood.

Make Art From Your Splattered, Scattered Brain, now a Kindle ebook too

Yes, now this  book is also available on Kindle.  So, it’s really exciting to be part of the self publishing revolution here in the USA, and I am so happy to put my book out in the world.

And it is on sale now for .99 cents.  I tried to make it free, but couldn’t I guess.  So, this is the best I can do.

Read it and I hope it raises awareness and is shared on to the people who need it!

I really hope it connects to the people who need some hope.

Thanks for reading this!    Kindl ebook

Click the green Kindl ebook above to get to the page.



This is a poem at the end of my collection about healing from a mTbi  (mild traumatic brain injury) This poem expresses the joy of feeling better a year later after much invisible injury.


Words Keep Bubbling Back


It was this night, and gorgeously

when her daughter sang

her last choir concert

of high school.

So many voices she knew

and knows and the words

bubbled again and again

and words bubbled in tears

and joys.


Just one large sigh of

mint and forest green.

Such peace.


A year ago all those sounds

were just noise.

Killing, hurtful noise

in a brain injured woman

who loved music but the music

made her sick, and mad.


The ugly holes in her brain

must be healing

because such bubbling

and spilling, and free mixing

of giggling pink and sweet smiling

orange are here again.


She can hear again

and she celebrates this night

and every night with feeling

smile giggly

smile giggly

glittering fuschia kissing sweet orange