Winter Thaw

Here is my poem, “Winter Thaw.”  It was published today in the Post Bulletin.  It was nice and warm this January 19th, 2015, and I hope the poem leaves you feeling winter warm.

Winter Thaw


One warm day

after January’s

deep cold,

a bold

warm sigh


in a sweet

warm up.


The sun



and we walk

without coats.


The breeze

lifts us,

and we float

in such warm

winter weather.

I pass a pine tree


with winter’s tears.


She cries for leaving.

Good-bye winter grieving.

I fly free

in one winter thaw.

Its soupy slush

gives way to a gush of hope.

I smell mud

and imagine the buds

still sleeping, but dreaming of pink.

My Etsy shop is open!

Well, I finally did it.  I took pictures of the hats and scarves I have made to sell, and I up loaded them, and got my Etsy store open.

My shop name is Jens Knits and Picks.

It feels good to finally accomplish this goal.  I have more to list there in time to come, but 10 items is a great, good start.

Being a fiber artist with knit and crochet is important to me just as writing is important to me.  I have no idea which I am more of — writer or knitter.  I am both for sure, but if I had to distill myself to one word it would simple be


Anyhow,  I will try and post a link to my Etsy store.
Create on.  Heal on.  And thanks for anyone who really reads these posts.

Winter — poem forthcoming


I have a poem titled “Winter,” forthcoming in the Post-Bulletin paper.  This is the second in a series I am working on titled, “The Four Sisters.”

I am pleased to have more poetry coming out into the world.  Poetry and word play are my greatest pass times.

I will post the poem once it is out.

In the mean time, please feel free to look into my book at titled “Make Art From Your Splattered, Scattered Brain.”

Here is a link to check that out.

What can one joy do?

I am collecting some sayings about happiness and joy, and I ran across one in a book I am reading.  Here it is.

1.  One joy shatters a hundres griefs.

I love that quote.  I don’t know if it comes from China or where it comes from, but I really like it.

Did a joy ever take away the pain of your grief?  I can think of the joy of having the newborn overpowers the pain of childbirth.

This week I am going to ponder and write about this topic.  What can one joy do?

I will post some writing that comes from this meditation.

If you have anything to say about joy, please comment.


Jennifer J



© Jennifer Jesseph


You’re the copper sister.

You come in the cool

mornings of late September,

and stay as long as you can.

You’re steady, and calm.

You’re a balm

after your crazy sister Summer

leaves us exhausted

from so much life.


You’re the balance, Autumn,

and I’m glad to be near

your cinnamon warmth.

It’s just the right

nice spice.


You bring blaze orange,

and gold yellow, to dazzle.

I reach out and touch

your cool hand,

and you understand.

We have this time now,

before the north wind

huffs and puffs

and announces your sister,