Fiber Artist Me Up

In the pictures are some projects I have finished recently and not so recently.

Enjoy the lime green and pink dress made from a vintage pattern. This is not for sale.

The Oz pants are for sale. I will post them at my ETSY soon.

The FUNked up coat IS for sale and works well for between seasons, like going from summer to fall or winter to spring. But you can wear it whenever you want.

What are your fiber passions? Yarn? Embroidery thread? Sewing thread? What about the smell of new fabric. I love that smell.

Concrete poem about SPRING


S          P          R        I           N         G

a          e          i           s          e          o

y,         e          g                      a

p          h          c          r           w

d          s          t           r                       i

o                                  a          e          t

C         n          c          v          h

y          h          o          k          e

o          e          w         I           r           i

u          e                      n          y          t!

s          E          g

h                      a                      s          H

e          W        r           s          u          i

a          h          t           m         r

r           o          h          i           f           S

o                      l           a          p

i           s                      e          c          r

t?                                 s          e          i






Back For More

Hello! I am going to use this site again though I thought I had let it go. I’ve been working on new material for reading/performing in the vein of spoken word. I don’t have anything to post here at the moment, but if I can get a video of myself performing I will put it here.

I have also been creating wearable art for my ETSY store so be sure to check that out. My store is JensKnitsandPicks.

So, dream on! Welcome spring! And create and share your art.

Summer Reading Series where I will read from my book.

Come on out and join me for an hour to hear me read from my book and then have a discussion about brain injuries and concussions.

I am a happy brain injury survivor and it is not lost on me how lucky I am. I feel very blessed for my recovery.

I am giving these readings to raise awareness about post-concussion syndrome and to give voice to being a brain injury survivor.

Here are the dates and places I will be reading.

Thursday May 26th, 6:30 Zumbrota Public Libraray

Thursday June 30th, 6:30  Stewartville Public Library

Thursday July 21st, 6:30 Rochester Public Library

Thursday August 18, 7 pm Pine Island Public Library

I hope to see you there.  And if you have a comment or a story about surviving a brain injury, please add it here.

Summer Retreats

Here is another poem that just appeared in the  Rochester Post Bulletin, December 2015.  It’s been a very mild winter here so far in the midwest, and even so, summer has retreated.  Enjoy!

Summer Retreats                                                (c) 2015


Corn yellows in fields

and the smell of burning wood

fills the air. Wooly caterpillars

inch their way across trails, and leaves

the color of bark, fall, and land

in my dying marigolds.


Summer retreats to the other hemisphere,

yet she’ll return suddenly

and fill the day with a sun so yellow

and such abundant warmth that we almost forget

she’s really gone, till night comes

sooner and cooler.


The turning of seasons

takes place between a chorus of crickets

and the springing leap of grasshoppers.


Lovely, inspirational fall season.

Autumn.  I love this word, and I find the season to be full of beauty and creativity.

I have two poems forthcoming about the fall season in the Rochester Post-Bulletin, and I am so pleased.

What words come to your mind when you think about fall?  As a collection of words, here are mine.  Chill, crickets, orange, yellow, brown, cinnamon, apple, fire, turn.

Here’s wising you an inspirational fall.