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It was two years ago that I started a website.  I had to let that first site   go after a car accident in February of 2013.

Now  I am back and soon will have a book about my ordeal of living through post concussion syndrome.

I am writing a lot again and plan to self publish many, many things in the coming year.

Thank you for reading this and you can also check out my Facebook author page.  Here is a link to that site.


9 thoughts on “Welcome To My Website”

  1. Hello- I wanted to thank you for your book of poetry about brain injury, I hate my brain injuries but am learning to accept it somehow your poetry was beautiful.
    I am your neighbor maybe I live in Oronoco

    1. Hey thanks for stopping in. This is the first real comment to date! So sorry for your struggles too. Mine are not much, but I mix up words a lot more and actually I like it. I am your neighbor in Pine Island. Stay warm.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I think I will be introducing you on Wednesday night, as both Carolyn and Nicole are tied up. Let me know if there is anything you would want me to say other than what I am finding on your website and in Carolyn’s email announcement. Looking forward to hearing you read on Wednesday night! Nancy Hengeveld

    1. Hey, whatever Carolyn wrote is fine. You can cobble that up with things from this site. I am sure it will be all good. I have put out the word and I hope people come. Thanks for contacting me and I look forward to meeting you too.

  3. Hello Jennifer. I am so glad I found your website. I am a teacher as well. I had a bad fall in October 2015. I fell on Monday and returned to work on Wednesday. No one ever mentioned I had a concussion. There was more concern about another injury. Each day I found myself getting more headaches, dizziness, unsteadiness, pain in my neck, ringing in my ears- even thought I was going to pass-out a few times in class. I definitely was not getting better. After an MRI that came back abnormal, I was told I had post-concussion syndrome. This was in Dec. 2015. I was told I needed to take 2 weeks off. I decided to take it as part of my Christmas break. I am scheduled to return to work but frankly I am so unsure about it. I don’t know what I am going to do. I have seen some signs of improvement but with one busy day, I feel I take 3 steps back. I have not corrected anything that I had prior to vacation and I know there is a pile on my desk when I return. How am I going to do it? It saddens me to think I cannot. I’m going to be 49 and have many years of teaching ahead of me. I am not sure that I can return though. Sorry for going on and on – just lost. Here’s my concussion poem…

    Sometimes we lose ourselves in the life we live
    And work so hard to give and give
    That we soon forget that we too must rest
    To make ourselves the very best
    So like it or not, life takes us by the hand
    And reminds us we’re not the one in command
    With little notice, we are made to pause
    To reflect upon our real purpose, our cause
    With patience, solitude, and the chance to unwind
    Soak up life’s beauty and listen with an open-mind.
    by P.A.

    1. Hello Pamela! Thank you for sharing your poem. Thank you for reaching out. Honestly, I know how you feel, and I can just hear the stress and anxiety in your situation. I am no medical doctor, but if your cscan had abnormalities –that is concern for caution. You are in early days of brain healing and the brain heals so slowly. It’s maddening. Then, there is that one good day when you think, “Hey it’s all over!” Nope. It was just one good day. I had to stop teaching for a time in order to get really better and if you can do that, I hope you do. PCS is not a life sentence by the way, and the brain does heal. Try not to read too many of the horror stories out there. There are sad instances yes, but I assure you, you can heal. If you want a list of vitamins and supplements to help in this, go to NeuroTalk and find the mTbi forum. At the top there is a sticky about vitamins and supplements. These are no cure alls. However, your goal is to give your brain the most stress free and anxiety free place you can (which is not the classroom) and the vitamins etc can help. Real brain rest is another issue and you can read up on that, but if you are willing to lead a very dull life for awhile it will benefit you. I found a lot of hope via the internet at NeurTalk and on Facebook where there are several forums about PCS. I remember well how scary it all is, and I am here to give you hope. So heal on!

  4. Jennifer, I spoke to you at Forager’s Pop-Up Market today. We would like to add you and your email address to our list of potential vendors for our upcoming markets. Could you please send your email address to us at nextfabulousadventure@gmail.com

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