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  1. Hi, I’m Christina Valdez, the director of Listos, a bilingual (Spanish-English) preschool here in Rochester. We are having our 3rd annual Day of the Dead fundraising dinner on Nov. 1. This year’s theme is Peru and we are seeking local artists to decorate Peruvian llamas made of baby alpaca hair. Your fiber art would work well with the project. We provide the llama (its about 5 or 6 inches tall) and you decorate it. For your work we give you $10 toward your supplies and a ticket to the event ($50 value) or $20 toward your supplies if you cannot attend the event. It’s a fundraiser to help us provide tuition assistance to students who are on waiting lists for other types of preschool scholarships. My phone number at Listos is 507-226-8490 and my email is director@listoskids.org

    1. Thanks very much for reaching out to me. I will be happy to participate in this event. I will be in touch soon. Sincerely, J Jesseph

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. That’s so wonderful that you are able to be part of our project. I am out of town tomorrow (Friday and all weekend.) I could get a llama to you today if you are available or Monday. Give me a call again. I tried calling you back but it didn’t go through. 507-226-8490

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