This is a poem at the end of my collection about healing from a mTbi  (mild traumatic brain injury) This poem expresses the joy of feeling better a year later after much invisible injury.


Words Keep Bubbling Back


It was this night, and gorgeously

when her daughter sang

her last choir concert

of high school.

So many voices she knew

and knows and the words

bubbled again and again

and words bubbled in tears

and joys.


Just one large sigh of

mint and forest green.

Such peace.


A year ago all those sounds

were just noise.

Killing, hurtful noise

in a brain injured woman

who loved music but the music

made her sick, and mad.


The ugly holes in her brain

must be healing

because such bubbling

and spilling, and free mixing

of giggling pink and sweet smiling

orange are here again.


She can hear again

and she celebrates this night

and every night with feeling

smile giggly

smile giggly

glittering fuschia kissing sweet orange

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