Summer Retreats

Here is another poem that just appeared in the  Rochester Post Bulletin, December 2015.  It’s been a very mild winter here so far in the midwest, and even so, summer has retreated.  Enjoy!

Summer Retreats                                                (c) 2015


Corn yellows in fields

and the smell of burning wood

fills the air. Wooly caterpillars

inch their way across trails, and leaves

the color of bark, fall, and land

in my dying marigolds.


Summer retreats to the other hemisphere,

yet she’ll return suddenly

and fill the day with a sun so yellow

and such abundant warmth that we almost forget

she’s really gone, till night comes

sooner and cooler.


The turning of seasons

takes place between a chorus of crickets

and the springing leap of grasshoppers.


2 thoughts on “Summer Retreats”

  1. Jennifer: Thanks for writing”…My Journey Through PCS”. Having a TBI has became a part of my life about 30 years ago. My sister, Jane, gave me a copy of your book letting me know you’re sincere and creative. The storyline and poems were a comfort because of frustrating which seems to never stop. There’s a time when stability sets in for a period but then, going back to figuring the next way to feel comfortable. What kind of contact do you have with others?

    1. Hello and thank you for your kind words! I am lucky in that I have recovered to as I mostly was except I don’t feel seasonal affect nearly like I did and I have linger tinnitus which I guess in an invisible scar. I have a lot of contact with others via work and I also tutor, but for contact with those who suffer from pcs or brain injuries, that is mostly online. I am in a nice group on Facebook with some fellow suffers who have not all had the good luck I did in recovery. Early on I found a lot of comfort at NeuroTalk in the forum on pcs / mtbi. That is a bit slower pace than Facebook in terms of posting questions and getting answers. Anyhow, I sure wish you all the best as you continue to make your way forward, and I hope you have some creative outlets to help you with that.

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