© Jennifer Jesseph


You’re the copper sister.

You come in the cool

mornings of late September,

and stay as long as you can.

You’re steady, and calm.

You’re a balm

after your crazy sister Summer

leaves us exhausted

from so much life.


You’re the balance, Autumn,

and I’m glad to be near

your cinnamon warmth.

It’s just the right

nice spice.


You bring blaze orange,

and gold yellow, to dazzle.

I reach out and touch

your cool hand,

and you understand.

We have this time now,

before the north wind

huffs and puffs

and announces your sister,


A New Green Dream

Here is a poem that I have at Teachers Pay Teachers for a free download.  I thought I would just offer it here.  I hope it brings you some hope and inspiration.  It is my pleasure to share it and hope it gets shared around.

A New Green Dream

© Jennifer Jesseph 2014


What becomes of dreams left dry?

Do they wither, blacken, die?

Are they sleeping? Out of breath?

Are they finished? Gone to death?


They’re just waiting, still alive.

Feed one. Wait. Watch it thrive.

Give it hope and strong belief.

Your dream unfurls a brand new leaf.


Ready, waiting, newly green.

This is now your living dream.



Teachers Pay Teachers

This is a link to a site where I am selling some of the poems I’ve used with students.  This site is called Teachers Pay Teachers.

I have 7 different chants and poems there on my store site.  Some are connected to grammar and others are for vocabulary building with students new to the country.  Anyhow, I thought I would mention it here in this post.

Here is the link.

Thanks for reading this.

Autumn– soon to be published


I recently posted a poem titled Spring and it is one of four poems I wrote about the seasons.  I submitted Autumn for publication and it is forthcoming in the Rochester Post-Bulletin.  Autumn is one of the poems in the series I titled The Four Sisters.

When it is published in the Post-Bulletin, I will post it here.

I also had a very affirming dream about art, being free with art, and knowing that is a deep part of my life.  It was an odd dream, and I won’t recall all the quirky details here.  I will only say that I do feel dreams can inform our lives if we let them.

Thank you for reading this and checking up.



Pondering Joy 1

Here I go, into the thoughts about joy.  Here is something I wrote last night about the joy of spring.  I know we are on the cusp of losing summer to fall, and that is how life goes here.  Spring is probably my favorite season next to summer.  Fall ranks high, and I am trying to make friends and lovers with winter, but it’s not easy.  So anyhow, here’s to spring and any, any, thing.

This is just part of a longer series titled,

The Four Sisters.

© Jennifer Jesseph


lovely, mud friendly, wild child.

You burst forth

from the ground

and your green hair

colors Earth.



you’re a baby,

and birth.


You,  Spring

of all the sisters,

you bring the joy

in those first

red tulips poking up.

You embody

yellow happiness

in the light returning.



you make me want to run,

so let’s go.


Run with me,

meadow free, skyward,

and beyond the blue.

Keep my pace

and bring roses

to my face.



I want to keep

that awakening

you bring.

That is your essence,

dear Spring.

I want to become

your newness,

your awe of life,

your first green.

May I have that Spring?



Spring, I’ll know

your gone

when you’ve greened

the lawn.

I’ll miss you.

I will.  But you let

Summer come home

in firework colors.


my lover,

come back.


I’ve waited.

And I can hear

your heartbeat

in the bird songs.


Oh dear summer.

We begin again.

The Joy Project


I read from my book at C-4, The Creative Salon, in Rochester tonight and I’ve been to most of the open mikes over the summer.  I am pleased with the book,  Make Art From Your Splattered, Scattered, Brain and it is also time to focus on new projects.

So, now I begin some new thinking about joy.  What brings you joy?  What kinds of songs, poems, and stories reflect happiness and joy? I am writing about happiness now and hoping to make a book of poems and eventually some performance art about this topic.

So, post your ideas and thoughts about joy and happiness.