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This is where I will post about my craft life. I do have a new store at Etsy.

I wonder if you who visit this craft. I am a fiber artist as well as a writer.

My Etsy shop is open!

Well, I finally did it.  I took pictures of the hats and scarves I have made to sell, and I up loaded them, and got my Etsy store open.

My shop name is Jens Knits and Picks.

It feels good to finally accomplish this goal.  I have more to list there in time to come, but 10 items is a great, good start.

Being a fiber artist with knit and crochet is important to me just as writing is important to me.  I have no idea which I am more of — writer or knitter.  I am both for sure, but if I had to distill myself to one word it would simple be


Anyhow,  I will try and post a link to my Etsy store.
Create on.  Heal on.  And thanks for anyone who really reads these posts.