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This is a broad category and may include some mixed media work. I’ve not been knitting as much since 2017, but it’s still an important part of my life.

Fabric Collage

My life has changed since about April or May of 2017 when I got a new sewing machine.  I’ve used to FUNk up clothing, but more importantly, I’ve used it to help make fabric collage. In addition to that sewing machine, I also recently acquired an embellisher which really helps with fabric collage.

Above are pictures of what I am working on or have made in the vein of fabric collage.



My Etsy shop is open!

Well, I finally did it.  I took pictures of the hats and scarves I have made to sell, and I up loaded them, and got my Etsy store open.

My shop name is Jens Knits and Picks.

It feels good to finally accomplish this goal.  I have more to list there in time to come, but 10 items is a great, good start.

Being a fiber artist with knit and crochet is important to me just as writing is important to me.  I have no idea which I am more of — writer or knitter.  I am both for sure, but if I had to distill myself to one word it would simple be


Anyhow,  I will try and post a link to my Etsy store.
Create on.  Heal on.  And thanks for anyone who really reads these posts.