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Dear Viewer,

I am making it a goal to post more content here at my site to let you know what’s going on. I do have an author page on Face Book under my name, and I have my business too which is JoJo’s FUNky threads.

I’ve been working hard on the up-cycled clothing part of my business and it brings me much satisfaction. I will put some pictures here of what I am working on. I’ve found that denim is my preferred fabric medium to work with and with each piece I upcycle, I want to make it like wearable art. The denim jackets I’ve been working on sport my embroidery work.

I’ve also been writing. Today I wrote another poem about snow because this has been the snowiest February on record in our region of Minnesota. We had an early snow in October, 2018 which was joyful, however the elation of the first snow has long since given way to some exasperation as it’s hard now to find places to PUT the snow we must remove.

I thank you for reading this and I will post some pictures of my up cycled clothing and some poetry too.


J. Jesseph

Fiber Artist Me Up

In the pictures are some projects I have finished recently and not so recently.

Enjoy the lime green and pink dress made from a vintage pattern. This is not for sale.

The Oz pants are for sale. I will post them at my ETSY soon.

The FUNked up coat IS for sale and works well for between seasons, like going from summer to fall or winter to spring. But you can wear it whenever you want.

What are your fiber passions? Yarn? Embroidery thread? Sewing thread? What about the smell of new fabric. I love that smell.

Concrete poem about SPRING


S          P          R        I           N         G

a          e          i           s          e          o

y,         e          g                      a

p          h          c          r           w

d          s          t           r                       i

o                                  a          e          t

C         n          c          v          h

y          h          o          k          e

o          e          w         I           r           i

u          e                      n          y          t!

s          E          g

h                      a                      s          H

e          W        r           s          u          i

a          h          t           m         r

r           o          h          i           f           S

o                      l           a          p

i           s                      e          c          r

t?                                 s          e          i






Back For More

Hello! I am going to use this site again though I thought I had let it go. I’ve been working on new material for reading/performing in the vein of spoken word. I don’t have anything to post here at the moment, but if I can get a video of myself performing I will put it here.

I have also been creating wearable art for my ETSY store so be sure to check that out. My store is JensKnitsandPicks.

So, dream on! Welcome spring! And create and share your art.